ARC is a RIBA Chartered architecture practice based in Nottingham, UK.

We are a community of thinkers, designers and makers driven by a shared ambition to create a healthier, more sustainable relationship between people and place.

As Architects, the output of our trade is typically a portfolio of built projects - many of which will still be standing long after our own lifetimes. As such, we feel that it is our responsibility to consider the long term impact of the decisions that we make in practice. By looking at each and every design in this context we can try to make sure that the buildings which we create do not burden future generations by contributing to the challenges of our own time.

Our ambition is to make sure that the world we leave behind is an enhancement on the one that we inherited and we do not believe that this has to compromise our current quality of life. We can make a positive contribution to our personal health and wellbeing, as well as that of our wider society, through thoughtful, intelligent design whilst ensuring the long term health of our planet.

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Our Approach

We do not impose a pre-defined approach on the work that we do. We look at every project afresh, working through a series of focused appraisals to identity unique opportunities and constraints that will then inform our response. Everything that we do is focused around our clients needs and we work closely with all project partners from the very beginning to build the most appropriate design brief that finds that perfect balance between time, cost and quality.


We are strong believers in collaboration - a problem shared is a problem halved! We have a strong network of expertise, from structural engineers and other design consultants, to contractors and product manufacturers, which we engage with from the very beginning of any project to ensure that our designs are continually optimised to meet the requirements of the brief.



We share our time between practice and academia, testing and evolving our approach to ensure that our services are always informed by the very latest thinking and methods.

Outside of our paid commissions we refine our ideas through various publications and work on speculation, through design competitions, to keep our tools sharp. 


Whether it's feasibility sketches, planning information or technical design drawings you can be sure that we will always have the right tools and level of expertise in house to communicate our designs as clearly as we possible can.


We try to keep things fresh by combining the old school sketch with the very latest technology, using VR/AR to bring our designs to life.


We are always ready to put away the drawing tools, roll up the sleeves and get stuck in.


Whether it is a piece of furniture, a scale model or a building, our practical experience and network of contractors means that we are always on hand to guide our designs from the drawing board to site. 


Our Services

We take great pride in the work that we do here at ARC Design Studio and, being a RIBA Chartered Practice, you can have confidence that all of our services are carried out to the very highest of standards.


We work to the latest RIBA Plan of Work, covering all work stages, and offer a free, no obligations consultation service. This is just an opportunity for us to sit down over a brew, discuss your brief and construct a package of services around the specific requirements of your project.

Our core services include:

Beyond our core Architectural offer we offer a comprehensive package of design and consultancy services, including:

When you choose ARC you get more than a team of dedicated Architects, you unlock access to our established network of consultants. We connect the dots, so you don't have to!

Feasibility Studies

RIBA Work Stage 2

Planning Consultancy

RIBA Work Stage 3

Technical Design

RIBA Work Stage 4

Client Advice 

RIBA Work Stages 0-1

Contract Admin.

RIBA Work Stage 5

Project Handover

RIBA Work Stage 6


Principal Designer

Party Wall Consultancy

Project Management

Landscape Design

Building Surveys

Scale Drawing Work

Graphic Design

Furniture Design

Portfolio Management

Your Project

We see every project that arrives on our drawing boards as an opportunity to optimise the way that we engage with space. Every design brief embodies the unique requirements of the people that will ultimately inhabit the spaces that we create and so we always take great care to identify the specific needs of these user groups at the very beginning of our projects so that we can channel this information through the design process.

Above all, we design for people. Whether it is a public space, an education facility, a place of work or your own home we will always develop our designs specific to the needs of your project and with the end user(s) in mind, optimising the way that we all engage with the space around us.


Sit tight, we'll be in touch!

Your Words

"ARC are a hugely exciting, young and ambitious Nottingham design studio. I like where they are going. 


The team had strong ideas for how cities need to react to some of the biggest challenges of our time including climate change and the impact of online retailing on high streets.  


Their passion for community focussed design and the power of architecture to connect people was obvious throughout. They have big ideas and I am sure we will be seeing more ARC designed spaces in the future."

Mr Greg Nugent (2021)

The Greater Broad Marsh Advisory Group